What if Gmail were MSmail?


Oh, how we love poking fun at twee old Bill in this fancy castle up there in fancy land. “Look, Microsoft launched a table! Look they’re poop faces!” Well, friends, as funny as this “What if Microsoft designed Gmail?” jab is, just remember that most of us got our start compiling code in DOS on an old 286 from Computer Haven down the street. Although I wouldn’t touch Vista with Hickey’s severed leg, I still have a modicum of respect for the company that actually made me interested in computing as a career choice. Harumpf.

Usually there’s less focus on unclutteredness with the Redmond guys, so we’ll add some MSN news bits and “special offers” where space is left. Plus, to increase user lock-in, let’s get rid of the “sign out” link. I’m also putting less emphasis on search, moving the box to the bottom right and replacing it with a dog.

What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? [Blogoscoped]