Black Friday round-up: This way in


We’ve featured a few great Black Friday deals in the last couple of days, and here’s a brief round up so your mid-day shopping madness levels may rise.

Circuit City: $7 2GB SD cards? Word. This is at least half as much as the nearest competitor’s advertised price. What’s great is the circular said nothing about limits, so buy a handful. They always come in handy.

Wal*Mart: $150 8-Megapixel digicam with 6-inch digital photoframe? Check. If you’re going to shop at Wal*Mart, this is a great gift for your parents, who, like mine, are probably still using a dinosaur of a digicam, and this gets mom a digiframe, too. Also, the evil empire’s $20 voyager-class Optimus Prime. Very nice indeed. $230 Slingbox Pro + Cable bundle, including shipping? You bet. The Slingbox is a geek’s dream machine, and this price makes the dream a reality. Never let me type that again. Lots of deals on fun, hot peripherals? You know it. Not the hottest, but that’s a sweet price for the MX Revolution mouse, to be sure.

AT&T: $150 Blackjack II hitting the shelves? That’s amore. More than one person I know has called the Blackjack their favorite smartphone ever of all time since Jesus walked with dinosaurs. Hyperbole aside, it’s good, and the Blackjack II is a real upgrade. And at this price, you can get into the smartphone game ahead of anyone you know.

Best Buy: $230 laptop and printer bundle? Yah, but probably sold out while you were digesting. This is an old-school deal. While it’s not a good laptop or a good printer, they should both work fine with the Wi-Fi you’re stealing from your neighbor’s double-wide. Generally decent discounts on pretty much everything except the iPhone? Sure, including up to $101 off MacBooks, an un-Apple like discount. Also iPod Nanos and Shuffles are discounted roughly 10% as well, and still include the free custom engraving. Shuffles are a perfect way to get someone into the iPod lifestyle. They’re the gateway DAP, leading to harder cocaine use later.

Target: Olevia 37-inch LCD HDTV? Absolutely. I have one of these, and at $549, it’s the best deal on an HDTV we’ve seen yet. The picture quality is fantastic, but the audio is just so-so. I’d pair it with a decent 5.1 surround sound system, like the 5-disc Magnavox one it’s featuring for $79. That’s $628 for a decent-sized LCD HDTV and a home theater system. You cannot beat that for one-stop shopping.

So continue shopping, friends. Keep the wheels of commerce turning, and the calories from Thanksgiving burning. (Can a blogger be a Poet Laureate? Nevermind, I only like haikus.)