Get your own Moshi Monster

Moshi Monsters, a virtual world which is best described as Tamagotchi-meets- educational-games- meets-Facebook for 7-12 year olds, has been sending out secret invites since its closed beta launch this week.

But TechCrunch UK has secured some invites for you, our dear readers, so all you have to do is to email with ‘techcrunch’ as the subject and they’ll send out an invite code to the first 50 that write in. Feel free to go and try the world out, but you may be better off giving the invite to your kids (hint, hint).

The idea is to adopt and care for your own monster, play puzzle games and buy weird and wonderful things to style your monster’s home. The new world is a venture from MindCandy, the UK-based startup which came up with the Perplex City ARG last year, and is backed from Index Capital and Spark Ventures.