How do you gently withdraw your support from a good cause on Facebook?


In discussing several things with my brother this Thanksgiving weekend, including what happens to human beings once the sun runs out of hydrogen and what presidential candidate is best prepared to deal with a Texas-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth (what are we gonna do, blow it up and have several little asteroids hurtling toward us?), he brought up something Facebook-releated. See, he doesn’t join groups promoting a cause (“FreeRice,” for example) because he doesn’t want to be seen leaving the group later on, privacy settings notwithstanding.

What, you don’t support feeding starving people anymore, you jerk?

It’s a social phenomenon. How do you show your support for a cause on Facebook without later being seen retracting your support? It’s something I think needs addressing, along with the pocket veto, a term I coined some time ago describing friend/group/whatever rejection without rejection.

I think it’s time for leftover turkey stuffed inside leftover turkey.