Contest: Win a Neuros OSD video box!


If you’re a real geek, you like to make stuff for Linux. And you’ve probably also seen the nifty Neuros OSD, a Linux-based PVR-ish device. It records TV shows, for example, and automagically compresses them for your iPod, among many, many other things it does.

And Neuros is giving us one to give away to you, our readers. You’ll also get a 160GB external HD for recording the new episodes of LOST if they ever materialize.

What do you have to do to win this lovely prize? We want a video up on YouTube of you telling us how thankful you are to have CrunchGear at your Thanksgiving dinner. With your family and friends around you, at a homeless shelter, at a Wendy’s, wherever you celebrate Thanksgiving, we want you to show us how thankful you are.

Put the video up on YouTube, and make sure to tag it with “crunchgear”. Email us a link when it’s up to with the subject “Thanksgiving!”. We’ll judge the videos and pick a winner on Monday the 26th based on creativity and how many friends and relatives they include.

Have fun and try to win this Linuxy goodness, which sets your video free!