Guitar Hero III/Rock Band feud will decide the fate of mankind, maybe

He’s a neurosurgeon by day, a rock god by night

Massive article in the Times today about the Guitar Hero III/Rock Band war, one that will forever shape they way you flail about like a crazy person. It discuses what GH has in its favor—it’s a recognizable name, more copies will be on the shelves, it’s cheaper—and what RB has, namely the full support of MTV. Personally, I love Activision’s hubris: “MTV trying to take on Guitar Hero is like us trying to go into the music cable business.” MTV isn’t too shy to make stupid comments of its own, though: “These games allow people to discover and fall in love with music in a more impactful way.” Yuck.

If there’s one thing I despise about these games it’s that they help the music industry, an industry, apparently, people like me have destroyed. Good riddance.

Dueling Guitars in Gameland: MTV and Activision Face Off [New York Times]