iYule.tv: A Yule Log for your iPhone

Cali Lewis, gadgetress to the stars, is leading the charge to bring old fashioned fireplaces back to our phones, Xboxes, and PCs. That’s right, friends: Cali and Neil are selling an electronic Yule Log complete with calming music and HD flames. You can pop the file onto almost anything and they even sell a huge compendium of Yule Log video for $10.

Proceeds go to multiple charities including Heifer International. Ahem…

Heifer International is based on that whole “teach a man to fish” concept that transforms lives forever. It’s a charity that we feel comfortable supporting because their administrative overhead is low and their mission is simple.

They give families in poverty living animals that supply them with eggs, milk, meat and farming help for a lifetime.You can give a family a cow for $500. A sheep is $120, as is a goat. A flock of chicks is just $20.

That’s right. Your Yule Log will support goat farmers. It warms the cockles of my heart.

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