Sprint hires Stacy London to help you choose a phone


Can’t decide what phone to buy but want to base your purchasing decision solely on making sure that everyone else thinks you’re cool? Ask Sprint’s newest spokesperson, Stacy London, of TLC’s What Not To Wear and Fashionably Late.

Is London a poor man’s Catherine Zeta Jones? Is she Sprint’s ultra belated answer to T-Mobile’s luscious ex-spokesbeauty? The world may never know (or care).

Click on over to Sprint’s My Mobile Style web site and take a five question quiz to see which phone best fits your personal style. I was told, “You’re tech savvy with a fashion flair and you know that sweater vest will always work” and then had the HTC Mogul recommended to me. Well played, Stacy London. Well played indeed.

My Mobile Style [Sprint] via KansasCity.com