You have control

Right now TechCrunch UK & Ireland (unlike the US site) does not have a community forum where you can air your thoughts in a more free-form manner. Like all blogs, I get to start the conversation and you get to talk back. At some point there’ll be more to do here, but until then I want to make sure I am getting you the news, reviews and – now and again – the gossip.
In the meantime I thought I would reverse the blog process for a handful of posts this week, where I will kick off the topic but you get to take the discussion wherever you want to. In other words, “you have control”.

Some topics we could discuss include – who are the best tech PRs right now; where are the best sources of funding; where are the best locations to work? I’m not saying it’ll be a regular thing – just something to help you in your thinking.

The first of these kinds of posts – all suggestions are welcome by the way, email mike at mbites dot com – is coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned…