English goalkeeper blames video games for failure to qualify for European Championship

Pic via IGN. Duh.

Video games make you violent, video games cause global warming, blah blah. Every day, some bonehead gives games a bad rap. Today that bonehead is Robert Green, a goalkeeper for West Ham United, an English soccer team. England crashed out of Euro 2008 last week—hilariously, I might add—and Green partially blames video games. Said the Green, “We would have the best team if we could go into every household and throw away every PlayStation, Xbox and video game…”

I guess Green is getting at the fact that English kids would rather sit home all day and play Fifa 2008 than practice footy in the back yard. Maybe, just maybe England should retain a world class coach (Capello or Mourinho) and sack half the team for putting in shockingly poor performances for the whole of the campaign before it blames video games for its problems.

In related news, John is very excited to see Poland qualify at the top of its qualification group. When asked how he felt to see his mighty Poland on top, Biggs replied “I give up.” Wacky!

Video games to blame for England’s failure to reach Euro 2008: Green [AFP]