Question: Best tech PR for startups?

As part of this week’s effort to allow you, the readers, to steer this blog for a while, here’s the first of a few questions this week.

Question: Which firm, or which individual PR person, is the best for tech/mobile startups (either in the UK or Ireland)?

Now, this is a question I get asked a lot by startups I meet. So I thought I’d ask the community of commenters and bloggers around TCUK to contribute their thoughts (either via comments or trackback), thereby allowing everyone else to benefit from your knowledge.

I might add that I don’t have a huge amount of interest in the answer since I seem to be indiscriminately contacted by just about every tech PR under the sun. My reaction almost always depends entirely on the “story” they are trying to sell me, not on the firm or person doing the selling. I also get some of my best stories from the companies themselves. But then, they clearly employ PRs because they’d rather run their company than talk to 27 different media outlets!

Now, obviously it goes without saying that it would be nice if you were respectful and non-libelous in your answers. Plus, any PRs attempting to PR their own company in the comments below needs to be aware that they could end up subjecting themselves to a bit of pasting. People can comment anonymously but I can see where you are coming from so really terrible shilling will get “called out”. You have been warned.

I now expect a lot of PR people to furiously ring/email around their clients asking them to say nice things in the comments, so let’s take it all with a pinch of salt shall we?