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CrunchGear Exclusive: OS X through the Ages! Linux is great too!


Yeah yeah, Digg is full of retards and those pinheads from the Freaks movie. We get it. Isn’t there real news?

Staggering Genius: The Beer Pager

Mr. Jonny Pantz

I’m guessing if you’re drunk enough to forget where you put your beer, you’re also going to be drunk enough to lose the remote.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, Scoble


Scoble don’t need to know what Scoble is talking about.

He’s Mother-Effing Scoble.

(sorry, can you tell I really don’t like him?)

Tho I will agree with him on #4. I mean, I can buy a book for a friend. Why can’t I buy a softcopy for a friend where it just gives me a code I can give them and they can get the book?