Unlocked iFones from Orange cheaper than T-mo

iphone-orange-france-exclusive.jpgI’m sorry but an unlocked iPhone is not worth $1,500, which is what T-mo in Germany is selling the precious for. It’d be a lot cheaper to have someone visiting the US pick one up or just find someone on Craigslist to do it for you. But that’s not always the case and luckily for you, Europeans, Orange will be doling out unlocked iFones for less than 999 euros, but more than 500 euros according to France Telecom CEO Didier Lombard.

Why not buy the locked iFones for 399 euros and jail break it? We’ll find out on Thursday when the over hyped iFones goes on sale.

IPhone contract without bond in France cheaper than T-Mobile [Heise via Into Mobile]