Yet another Japanese robot: This one has soft hands


There has to be some sort of cultural differences here. In Japan, every week a new robot comes out that looks more like a person and behaves like a person and I couldn’t give a damn. I know I’ve made the point before, but I simply “don’t get” robots. And this one, for all its greatness, isn’t going to change that.

Named Twendy-One, this robot has soft hands and responds to human touch. It’s also a body builder of sorts and is strong enough to support the weight of a clumsy person who’s fallen down. In a far-away, make believe world, the robot would be commercialized to help around the office and assist the elderly.

If it ever gets to the point where I depend on some dumb robot to help me get by, just Old Yeller me.

Japanese robot with soft hands chats and serves meal [Reuters via Drudge]