Jermaine Dupri, rapper, hates iTunes and thinks consumers are dumb


“We let the consumer have too much of what they want, too soon, and we hurt ourselves… Did consumers complain? Maybe so. But at what point does any business care when a consumer complains about the money?”

Jermaine Dupri, essentially, is wrong. In some long-winded HuffPo post in which he hates on iTunes, the rap producer defended the music industry’s stance on screwing the consumer—a “you don’t like it, tough shit” sorta attitude. Which, you know, is exactly the kind of attitude that’s causing the music industry as we know it to die a slow death.

Music industry, can you just die already? You’ve been dying for like 10 years now and no one really cares that you won’t get that last million dollar mansion.

As for Dupri, I particularly like how he positions himself as a veritable Jonas Salk. You’re not saving the world, chief. Anyone who listens to “Dem Jeans“—”The song questions how women with large butts get in their jeans”—and considers it art, well, you’re an idiot.

Dupri = straight garbage.

A Good Album is More than Just a Collection of Singles [Huffington Post via AppleInsider]