Lite-On External Optical Drive looks slick, writes fast


I don’t know about you guys, but I think burning a bunch of discs is a hassle. When you have to put out 15 identical DVDs for a holiday party, a presentation, or whatnot, it becomes a real task to keep that Nero or Toast happy while you keep switching out blanks. Not to mention, if you’re paranoid like me, you’re worried about jitter errors or buffer underruns if your system hangs or Firefox crashes. So an external burner like this is really handy to have around in the office. The EZ-DUB has gotten a revision and is now more pleasing to the eye, although its functionality is unaffected aside from, I’m sure, the usual firmware tweaks and so on. It burns dual-layer, +/-, and RW, at speeds up to 20x, assuming you have the right media. It comes with a stand and has a super-simple 2-button design your mom could figure out. “Dub” for dubbing, “File” for backup from your PC. Just try to mess that up. Plus, it only costs $99.