Sony's Flash HD Vaio: hot, but not a cheap date

vaio-topp.JPGFlash-based storage is the future, but we haven’t arrived in the future just yet. Sony’s high-end flash Vaio is a good example of this. At 2lbs, 10oz, it feels about as heavy as a piece of beef jerky, and with a Centrino Duo processor and flash HD, it’s a vision of next-gen technology. And with a reported battery life of more than 5 hours on power save mode, it’s efficient as well, due in no small part to having fewer moving parts. But the flipside is you only get 32GB of storage, most of which is taken up with OS and applications – better be ready with a nice, fast external drive for your music, movies, and so on. Unfortunately, that costs extra, which brings us to the other drawback – this Vaio costs $3,100. I’d say unless Vaios lay golden eggs, that’s a bit expensive for what you’re getting at the moment.

Review: Sony’s flash-based notebook — a road warrior’s dream [Computerworld]