A chance to demo your startup

UK digital networking event Mashup will be running another of its mashup Demo events for startups and growing companies in the digital sector on Wednesday December 5th. It’s an opportunity to demo your services to an audience of investors, corporates, bloggers, journalists and industry influencers. It will be held at the offices of Sun Microsystems in central London. There are still a few slots for demo companies to participate, so contact julia[at]mashupevent.com if you are interested. Companies who participated at the last mashup Demo included Serena Software, Mobestar, 15 Second TV, BabelTV, WeLoveLocal, Rummble, Magpie, Inspire, Bondaii, Meecard, Rollsense, Fav.or.it, Kwiqq, Tipped and testcard.tv. A slight health warning: to attend the event as a Demo company will cost £350, but get in touch with the organisers and you might be able to twist their arm on that price.