Domino's delivers hot doughy Xbox with extra Gameroni

gatesdeliv.jpgFeeling hungry – and gamer-ish? Well, Domino’s has a deal for YOU! In the spirit of the season (that is to say, consumerism), every pizza you order online between December 1st and December 12th enters you for a chance to win one of 120 Xbox 360s being doled out during that time. Even if you don’t win it all, you automatically get a 48-hour trial of Xbox LIVE Gold. They’re calling it the “XII Days of Xbox” and I think the Domino’s chief marketing officer said it best when he said, “We’re giving our customers some of the hottest gifts this season along with a hot, delicious meal”. That guy knows his demographic. So call your friends over to play Halo 3 (hope it doesn’t crash! sue if it does!), order a few pizzas, and with luck, one of your gamer buddies will be going home with a new 360. Sounds savory.

Domino’s Pizza Delivers Twelve Days of Xbox Prizes