LG Venus review

I must warn you that this will be the shortest review of a phone we’ve ever done at CrunchGear. Why you may ask? Because we’ve already covered it extensively and filled you in on the specs. So I’m really only going to cover the touch interface and voice quality. That’s all there really is to write about. No need to get into the Verizon features as they haven’t changed.

Despite the feminine name the LG Venus is not just a shiny accessory for women. It’s a feature rich phone offered by Verizon with a unique touch screen interface that can be deceiving as it only uses the lower half of the screen. Slide up to reveal a 12-key pad, though, I doubt you’d be using it very much. The touch interface has haptic feedback and the menus change as you delve deeper into sub-menus. It’s nothing ground breaking, but a cool feature nonetheless, though, you can sweep through menus by sliding your finger up or down.

How’s the voice quality? Better than the Voyager, which wasn’t too bad.

Ok, I lied. I’ll touch on a few things other than voice quality and the touch screen.

The 2-megapixel camera is average and the microSD slot allows you to cram as much music as possible. I did not like that the speaker was placed on the back because who really wants to hold their phone to hear music or put that glossy glass screen face down? I suppose you can just stream your tunes over Bluetooth, but that entails you looking like a tool unless you have BT speakers.

The Venus is available now for $199.99.