Question: Where are the best sources of funding for startups?

As part of a continuing series, I’m asking you, the reader, to contribute your thoughts on various subjects (and I’m open to suggestions for topics). So here’s the latest:

Question: Where are the best sources of funding for tech startups?

Please note that I am not asking, ‘what’ are the best sources of funding for startups. I am not trying to prompt debate about whether a startup should do a ‘friends and family’ round, or seed funding or VC funding. That debate is too philosophical. I’m asking where you think the best sources are. Let’s name some.

Now, yes, it does depend on the circumstances of the company yadda, yadda, yadda… so please think in terms of early-stage startups, because these are the ones who most likely need the benefit of your manifest experience and advice. Some examples might include some Angel networks you’re heard of, Y Combinator-style incubators, or even government grant schemes. And yes, there are some VCs who invest at the early stage too. If you want, talk about your experiences raising money for your startup… [takes one step back].

The usual rules apply. Please be respectful and non-libelous in your answers. Any firms attempting to PR-the-hell out of their own company in the comments below need to be aware that it could well backfire. Badly.