Update: Cellphones won't explode burning you and your family alive

lgalive.jpgRemember yesterday we brought you news of a Korean man who owned an LG cellphone that exploded and killed him? Ok, it wasn’t the phone, it was something else. We’re still not sure what, but the degree to which he was injured wasn’t consistent with an exploding battery. So, you know, it’s okay to quit panicking. Your phone isn’t going to do you in. But something else will.

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UPDATE: It was his co-worker. He was killed by his own co-worker. Yikes.

“I was moving the excavator and Seo was suddently out of my sight. I ran out and saw he was lying down bleeding and his cloths on fire,” Kwon was quoted as saying by the police. “All these happened in a moment, and I was too afraid about the accident. So I lied that the battery exploded and killed Seo.” Thanks Bryan!

SOURCE: Korea Times

Report: Phone May Not Have Killed Worker [WaPost]