You don't write on your own Facebook wall


I gotta say, it’s pretty damn hilarious to see people treating Facebook (and other Web 9.2 companies) like it’s Standard Oil. And you know it’s getting out of hand when the, shall we say, older people of America try to get in on the action. Take John Biggs, our muscular editor.

John, boss, don’t write on your own wall. It’s a place where people write dumb little notes to you, publicly viewable so others can see how popular you are. By writing on it yourself, you’re not only not making any sense—would you write “hey man, cool seeing you yesterday” on a post-it note on your refrigerator and expect your friend to come over to it?—but it makes you look silly. Not that you are, of course, but writing on your own wall isn’t standard protocol. Perhaps you’d best be served writing a note, or writing on the walls of your friends if you want their attention?

It’s not just John, either, but a lot of my older friends, too. They try so hard…

Just a public service announcement, that’s all.