Sirius radio streaming on BlackBerries

My recent switch to a BlackBerry has me compulsively looking for mods and everything cool for my 8320 and this may or may not be newsworthy or even new to some of you, but it’s Sunday and some of you may be bored. I haven’t tried this yet, so I can’t vouch for it, but my Curve does have Wi-Fi and I’ll be testing this out shortly.

A recent tutorial on BlackBerry Forums reveals that you, CrackBerry users, can stream Sirius or XM to your BB. The thread starter tried this on a Verizon Pearl and found the original tutorial for the LG Voyager on Howard Forums. There are currently very few commenters so I’m not sure which devices it can or will work on. Being the intrepid bunch that you are, I will assume some of you will try out and leave some feedback. Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

BBF [via Gear Diary]