Camera armor for your SLR: At level 40 you can upgrade it to plate


Santa will be making the rounds soon and you, American Consumer, are going to need a couple of smaller gifts to stick in your relatives’ stockings. You know, things like salt shakers, sticks of RAM, SLR protectors, etc. SLR protectors, really? They’re not cheap, either.

Take this protector, whimsically dubbed “Camera Armor.” It’s made of silicon and protects your camera from everyday bumps and bruises. Just imagine every third-party iPod case ever and you have a good idea of what Camera Armor is all about. The lens armor part should cover lenses up to 85mm, which is the standard introductory lens for most SLRs.

But, I don’t know, $80 for a couple of layers of rubber… Seems expensive to me.

Product Page [Speed Graphic via The Red Ferret Journal]