OMG IRONY: Facebook founder's private docs available for your viewing pleasure


The only thing more annoying than the BCS is Facebook, which, with every passing day, seems less and less “cool.” Not because I’m one of those privacy nuts, but it does seem that with every “Facebook is the next Google” article in Newsweek or whatever, I find myself a little “yay! Facebook is fun!.” But this is kinda lame. A Harvard-oriented magazine, 02138, recently published a Facebook exposé of sorts that includes some documents that Zuckerberg didn’t want published, including his online diary and Harvard application. A court ruling, however, said that the published documents are A-OK.

Yes, the irony: Zuckerberg profits from all your private information, but doesn’t want these documents online. Except you, user, volunteer to put private info on Facebook.

The 02138 article in question, “Poking Facebook,” is yet another “he-said-she-said” vis-a-vis Facebook and ConnectU, the social networking site that alleges Zuckerberg stole its idea. Boo hoo.

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