XM-Sirius merger could gets thumbs-up from DoJ today


The XM-Sirius merger, yet another story that refuses to go away. Whoops—it might go away today, actually. A recent Bear Sterns report suggests that the Department of Justice may give the merger its blessing as early as today. Once the DoJ gives the go-ahead, it’s largely expected that the FCC will do the same.

So break out the popcorn and keep your eyes and ears open for any merger news that might break today. Now that there’s really no opposition to the merger (the National Association of Broadcasters, aka “regular radio,” was recently exposed as a bunch of tricksters), it’s completely up to the feds as to whether or not it will happen. So long as the merger doesn’t mean the end of Opie & Anthony I’m fine with it.

Is today the day? [Orbitcast]