GeekBrief.TV #268

A PR agency contacted me and offered to send some products from a gadget company they represent. All of the gadgets are fun USB toys, so I thought it would make a great stocking stuffer show. If you’re going to stuff a stocking with a USB gadget, I think you have to stick some kind of iPod in it. My recomendation this year is the Nano. On this brief, I also talk about Brando’s USB charged book light. I just might be the most practical thing Brando ever made. The USB Putt Returner takes mini golf to a new extreme and makes the phrase, “six tiny balls” a new Christmas tradition. The company that inspired this Brief is They have a retractable cable USB hub called Haspel. They have a USB lamp called D’Light. They have a USB fan called Mistral, and my favorite is their multi card reader called Toastit. It’s cute and it looks like a toaster.

Some of my favorite sites for USB gadgets are:,, and

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