LG's 13in LED-backlit laptop comes with girlies

xnote_p300_003.jpgActually, they ran out of girlies during the pre-order period. Sorry. But they still have laptops, and they’re nice little machines. It’s got lots of fixin’s: 2.4GHz Core 2 duo, 2GB of RAM, a 256MB 8600M video card, and built-in camera and HDMI. It’s pretty dang light at 3.5lb(1.6kg), and certainly the screen will be nice, what with the LEDs and all. Two things, though: it doesn’t mention hard drive size (so it’s probably small) and the screen is only 1280×800. It also costs 1900 EUR, or almost $3000, which is a bit over budget. I know LG’s phones better than I know their computers, but if the little LG I had for two years is any indication, this sucker should be built like a rock. So go to your local retailer and ask for the LG XNOTE P300! They’ll squint at you and laugh nervously.

XNOTE P300, the new 13.3” LED-backlight Notebook from LG
[Akihabara News]