Spouse 2.0 Day: For Those That Give To Your Other Startup

spouse20.jpgPartner in Attention Management startup Particls Ashley Angell decided that his better half wasn’t getting the attention she deserved, so in good web fashion he teamed with business partner Chris Saad to launch Spouse 2.0 Day.

Spouse 2.0 is Friday December 7 and has the tagline of “the day to think about those running your other startup.” Participants are encouraged to buy their significant other a present “in appreciation of all the time you neglected them while running your start-up this year. They shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas to get something special!” Naturally participants are encourage to post about the gifts they give, complete with Spouse2 tagging.

It’s a nice idea, although in an age of the baby entrepreneur (under 25) there may not be that many significant other halves to care about. Having said that though, the day doesn’t necessarily have to apply to spouses of startup owners either. My wife probably deserves a gift for putting up with me posting to TechCrunch in bed at 11pm on a Saturday, but I think she’s more annoyed with my need to constantly update Twitter no matter where we are; perhaps we need a day for Twitter widows :-)

More details on Spouse 2.0 day on the site here and there’s a Facebook group here.