CrunchDeals: Wal*Mart secret in-store sale tomorrow


I know most of you are doing or at least attempting to do your holiday shopping this week or next so here’s a little something to help you in your cause. Wal*Mart is having a secret in-store sale tomorrow at 8AM. Is there anything special in the secret sale? Of course there is. I’ve got my eye on a 50-inch Plasma from Vizio for $998 though, it’s only 720p. There’s a minimum of 1 per store for this item. A 40GB PS3 with a free $50 gift card is $399 with a minimum of 2 per store. A Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player is $298 with 12 free HD DVDs. Odds are a little better on this one with a minimum of 5 per store. It’s pretty hit or miss on this one, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

Wal*Mart [via Slashgear]