Tune in at 11am EST to talk about RapidRepair's Kindle disassembly – CANCELLED

At 11am we’ll be talking to Aaron Vronko, co-founder of RapidRepair.com, a device repair shop. We’ll talk about his Kindle disassembly, what goes into this slim e-reader, and how easy it is to lose screws and parts when taking apart and putting back together electronic devices. My guess? Really easy.

See you then!

UPDATE: Operator11 (“The Web 2.0 Video Service that Sucks (TM)”) is acting up today, just like it was acting up all last week. I need to find a different service for video broadcasting. Any suggestions? Basically, I need to be able to control two or more “cameras” for editing into a video stream, the way Operator11 worked until it started sucking.