Fav.or.it working on some cool stuff

This is possibly the last time I do anything on the still-to-launch Fav.or.it… until they actually come out of closed beta. Writing about stuff hardly anyone can see is not an ideal situation. However, they are releasing tidbits of information about how the service will work in the end, and it looks pretty slick. The latest info is that fav.or.it will have a Mashup Editor or a ’slice’ engine built in Ajax which is capable of letting you cut and dice your feeds. They are also building in their equivalent of Tinyurl.com, which lets you quickly share a link to another webpage. The fav.or.it ID allows you to share a slice of content with just one unique number so it can be posted to digg, reddit, del.icio.us or email to a friend. Below is some video of the mashup editor made by founder Nick Halstead. I previously wrote an overview of Fav.or.it here.