More rumors of Mac ultra-portables at Macworld make us feel funny where our bathing suits cover


So we’re getting close to the end of year, which is followed by the beginning of a new year, and that means a Macworld Expo. Earlier this year, Macworld was the launching pad for what is perhaps Apple’s most anticipated device ever, the iPhone. This year, there’s now way they could match the hype, but it’s still the premiere arena to launch new lust-worthy hardware. So, what does Apple have in store?

MacRumors has a nice round-up of ultra-portable MacBook pro rumors. We’ve been hearing about a mutlitouch-enabled, NAND-based, super-slim laptop for quite awhile, and Macworld 2008 seems like the perfect forum to launch such a device. The specs are all over the place, from 12- to 13-inches on the screen, to inclusion or deletion of the optical disk drive, and prices anywhere from $1500 to $1900.

We’re not sure what Apple is going to do, but with this many rumors flying around, some must have some nugget of truth to them. CrunchGear? We expect a 12-inch, NAND-based, super-slim device with a no optical drive at $1200, and with optical (DVD-RW) at $1500, and something with some sort of HD burning at $1800.

After checking with our sources, it looks like there will also be an announcement regarding Apple TV and iTunes as well, likely the inclusion of HDTV and HD movies, which seems natural.

And the idea of a 3G iPhone in January? Puh-shaw.

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