Your favorite Halo rumors gently crushed in Bungie chat

masterchief.jpgThe forums have been, as ever, abuzz with the most ridiculous of Halo rumors. In a recent chat-style interview, some of these speculations were brought under the scrutiny of two Bungie guys. Among the highlights:
originalboxsticker.jpg-The Halo Movie is on “pause,” which is probably a nice way of saying “stalled.”
-Nothing Marathon-related in the works. What, Halo isn’t Marathon related? Read this and say that again.
-No XBLA games planned – no problem, get Halo Zero.
-Bungie’s involvement with Halo Wars has been limited to the “universe.” In other words, its not Myth III.
-No comment on multiplayer bots. Probably they can’t make them work right so they’re staying mum.
-They’re sticking with the 360 for now, so probably no Mac Halo 3 for a while.

There’s more at Eurogamer, but it’s mainly fanboy fodder. So head on over!

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