Le Web 3 startup competition

I went to the Le Web 3 startup competition today, though with 33 startups and many presentations of variable quality or inaudible (mostly due to the presenters not using the mic properly, and one clever chap said he would not put up his URL) I didn’t get all of them down. However, here are a few I took notes on and I will post more later.


SaleMiner is a small business sales and CRM system with a difference. There are a lot of players in this market but I guess where SaleMiner fits in is in offering a service tailor made to a small business needing to manage the sales process. It contains the a lot of the most used features of larger CRM systems and puts them in somewhat simpler, easy to use interface. Interesting thing about this Edinburgh-based startup is that it has revenues and clients already for its software including a health subsidiary of of AXA Life insurance.


Zoomorama Logo
Zoomoram is Flash-based image sharing monetised by two things: a B2B license and ad-supported visual blogging. The tech is pretty cool to look at and is reminiscent of other zoom-in-to-detailed-photo products like Zoomify. You to zoom on a collectoin of pictures on a wall with no need to open a new web page. You can also zoom in on videos. It has proprietary IP and wants to become the “the akamai of high-res imaging”. Perhaps useful for e-commerce newsletters where you zoom onto the photo photos. Launching in Q2 2008, but the Alpah has launched for Le Web 3 today.


This is a widget which overlays transparent media layers over web video. The overlays can be just about anything you can think of, closed captioning translation into 10 languages, information about a film clip pulled from IMDB, you name it really. Want more information, you mouse over the little icon which appears on the video. It works with Flash, Silverlight, Joost and WindowsPMediaPlayer among other formats. Based in Palo Alto and with R&D in Israel, publishers have to pay for the service and there is a pay-per-view or pay-per-action model. It has an ppen API – so they partner with applications like Skype so you can click to call etc. It’s an automated process which understands the video and overlays it with the widget info. Publisher partners so far are MetaCafe, JibJab, Fashion TV and 30 other clients.

Splitgames Network

SplitGames, a French company into product trading gaming communities. Teenagers cannot usually buy a new game every 3 months but they really want to play many new games, so trade them. SplitGames is vertical, premium and community driven. They have 8m page impresssions a month, 1 million games played. They als ohave other brands Gameskoot, Play France and Games Officer.

GamingOS is from CTXGames which will launch a casual games multiplayer service with new kinds of games. Players will play online versus eachother or in a coop session, play in tournaments, earn rewards. I will also have live video and voice support. Players will play several games in parallel through a multi-tabbed interface.


Logo New Home
Selected by TechCrunch for TC40, Wixi is about dragging and dropping the files from your desktop to your Wixi site, instead of emailing or file-sharing. But you need the Wixi Universal Flash Player. There could be copyright issues of course… Based in France.