RIAA says ripping your own MP3s is copyright infringement


OK, Slashdot, we get: you don’t like the RIAA. I don’t like pickles, but do you see me writing every other day that Dill is the root of all evil? No.

Alas, in today’s edition of “The RIAA Causes Appendicitis,” we learn that the music cartel argued in court that copying MP3s from your own legally purchased CDs is a form of copyright infringement. The court filing demonized that damn EM PEE THREE format, as if a file extension can in an of itself be amoral.

Here’s a fun game: search Opensecrets.org to see what politician has accepted the most music industry money. Obama leads the pack and my congressman from upstate New York is the Representative on the list. I sure can pick ’em!

But only uploading communism will get you in trouble with the law

RIAA Argues That MP3s From CDs Are Unauthorized [Slashdot]