Vudu set top box adds TV shows, high-def Bourne Ultimatum to its lineup


When new home owner Josh Goldman reviewed Vudu in September, it could only be used to watch movies. That’s no longer the case, with the set top box now able to pull in a dozen TV shows, including “Family Guy,” “Arrested Development” [ed. yes~!~!~!] and “The Shield.” It’s $2 per episode, so it’s right in line with iTunes pricing, but still pricier than heading to a TV torrents Web site.

Speaking of torrents, Vudu today will have The Bourne Ultimatum in both high-definition and standard def. The HD download costs $25, which, again, was $25 more than I paid to see said movie over the weekend in high-def.

Funny, and I though Microsoft was the only company benefitting from confusion in the high-def disc market.

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