Audio spotlight to put voices, ads in your head

3-ae-cryorayliberman-1210.jpgHearing voices might not mean you’re crazy after all, as a company called Holosonics has developed a technology it’s calling an “audio spotlight” that projects sound into your head. No, really, using focussed soundwaves, you’ll hear the message, whatever it is they want you to hear, in your head, and nobody else will.

Right now the audio spotlights are being used in NYC to promote Paranormal State, a show about ghosts coming to A&E. Passersby will hear someone asking “Who’s there?” and turn to not see any person, but an ad for the show, where the voice says again, “it’s not your imagination.” The technology is also being used in supermarkets and other smaller areas on a semi-subliminal way. For example, while browsing laundry detergent, if you stop in front of a certain brand, you might hear a laundry machine humming, almost subconsciously telling you that that’s the brand for you.

Creepy. I hope my iPod blocks this crap out.

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