Hands on with the Kingston Media Reader

I hate being woken up by the UPS/DHL/FedEx delivery guy. I’m not much of a morning person and I hate giving people stank attitude on top of stank morning breath. It’s in their best interest to deliver later in the day or to the office. Makes no difference to me, but let me sleep. That’s what I went through yesterday morning.

In any case, I wasn’t expecting anything and to my surprise Kingston sent over the 19-in-1 Media Reader that’s now shipping. I didn’t even know there were 19 different media cards. I sure am happy as a clam to have one to test out because I’ve had a miniSD card lying around with tons of photos I took on my SK3.

The Media Reader has four built-in slots to handle whatever media type you have and its slider chassis is fairly ingenious. Why? Now you can leave your SD or CF or anything for that matter in the reader and travel with it by sliding it back in place without fear of the card being snapped in half. Awesome. I know. I’m not sure why I get excited over gadgets and doodads that have LEDs, but I’m keen on Kingston’s logo lighting up red when it’s plugged in. The existing USB cable is not quite long enough for my taste, but Kingston includes a 3-foot extender, which I’m grateful for.

It’s USB 2.0 so transfer speeds can fly up to 480Mbps and I tested it by moving a set of photos from my miniSD to SDHC. It was fast enough that I wasn’t sitting here bitching and moaning about it taking forever. I’ve actually been wanting one of these for some time and thanks to Kingston, Christmas came early. It retails for $17 and comes with a two-year warranty.


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