Helio's Ocean granted hot new native YouTube app; Downloads and Uploads now both totally mobile


I love YouTube. I mean I love it. I like unhinged videos of Mexican UFOs, crazy Japanese gameshows, and Lohan falling down. It’s unlimited entertainment, because there are more hours of content uploaded per day that there are hours in the day, meaning you could never possibly watch it all. And it’s all free.

Sadly, the world of online video is restricted to, for the most part, unwieldy computers. Helio made waves with its Ocean (ha!) by including a YouTube client, and later Apple did the same thing with the iPhone. Truth be told, iPhone’s YouTube viewer was better than the Ocean’s, but not anymore.

yt2.jpgAs of this morning, Ocean users can download a brand new YouTube app for the Ocean, and it’s not just better than the current Ocean viewer, it outguns the iPhone’s.

It’s a great way to search for your videos and your favorites as well, but that’s only half the fun.

The Ocean is known for having a good, easy to use camera for both photos and video; Helio’s HelioUP feature has allowed you to upload vids on your camera directly to your YouTube account, though it was janky.

The new YouTube app allows you to upload from within the app itself; click the “upload” button, and you’re prompted to select an existing video from your Ocean’s memory or recording a new one. For video bloggers, this is a godsend.

And it’s free. You can download it now from your Ocean’s “download app” menu, and it won’t cost you anything. So to recap, you get a free app giving you tons of free content, and Helio’s plans include free data. What’s to lose? We keep saying the Ocean, with Helio’s service, is the device to watch, and every time an improvement like this hits the hardware, we’re proven a little bit more correct.