Le Web 3 startup competition winners

This year’s Startup Competition at Le Web was very closely fought. Thirty three companies participated out of more than 125 applications reviewed. The judges said the scores were very close (judges had to mark startups out of seven categories). The winners were announced on the main stage at LeWeb3 in a session that also included many of the judges of the competition talking about the themes/trends they saw during the competition.

First place:

Goojet, currently in closed beat, is designed for low to high-spec handsets and enables you to customise your phone by organizing your “mobile space” with picture galleries, notes, message board, voting, RSS feeds, status messages and weather forecasts. You drag these widgets onto your Goojet portal and you’ll find them appearing in your phone’s Goojet menu. Goojet allows users to create their own services and they can share them with friends or with the Goojet community.

Second place
PLYMedia (see write-up)

Third place
G.ho.st is a Web operating system of sorts that ties together all the data and applications you may be using across different Websites with one password and URL. This seems slightly crazy because you still need a physical computer to access it in the first place. However, at heart the idea is to aggregate Web 2.0 applications on a revenue share basis, so, for instance, if someone used a premium web app from within ghost G.ho.st, that web app would get a rev share. Not convincing for everyone but definitely worth checking out. (It was also part of the TechCrunch 40 demo pit)

Two honorable mentions went to: Erepublik and SplitGames

And there was a special jury prize for Holistis