Loc8tor device to be installed in new Chevrolet vehicles

Loc8tor If you’re forgetting where you parked your car with enough regularity that you long for some sort of device that would make noise to help you find it, you’ll probably be happy to pony up for a new Chevy with a KITTY LOC8TOR pre-installed. See what they did with the number eight there?

KITTY stands for Key Innovation That Talks To You and "has the added feature of being able to record a message that gets amplified as soon as the unit is put into locate mode" as well as make other random noises. So you can record yourself saying, "Hey me! Follow the sound of your voice! My voice! Someone stole my pen, so I can’t remember which is which! Bring pants!" and play it back loud enough for everyone in the parking lot to hear.

You could also try hitting the lock or panic button on your own pre-existing keyfob instead or, if you don’t own a car with electric locks, pretend that it’s really lost and cash in that insurance check.

Loc8tor Ltd [Loc8tor.com] via Tech Digest