Paramount jumping HD DVD ship, says Sony


We’ll take this with a huge truck load of salt. Sony’s product manager of the home video business group, Rachel Banin, is claiming that Paramount will eventually find itself in bed with Blu-ray. Banin, of course, pulls out a few statistics during the interview to prove BD-R’s superiority like BD-R outsells HD DVD 4:1, but I’m not drinking the kool aid, Rachel. It’s still early and I like HD DVD’s features better. 300‘s online features alone beat anything you have, but you do have a built-in Blu-ray player on the PS3. But then again all HD DVD players have at least 128MB of built-in memory standard when BD-R players typically opt for the v1.1 standard of a memory slot for user-purchased memory.

Why don’t people understand that you need to get the consumers to switch from SD TVs to HDTVs before all this format war bullshit can actually be a legitimate war?

Sony: Paramount will come back to Blu-ray camp [Pocket Lint]