Sega teaming up with NeuroSky to make mind-powered games

braincontroller.JPGIn case you missed the Wired feature in October about the NeuroSky “thought control system,” it’s basically one of those cool alpha wave measuring devices you saw at the science center that shows how relaxed you are with a graph or whatnot – except now it’s hooked up to Half-Life 2 or some other modern game that might want to take advantage of it. The controller straps onto your head and measures a certain kind of activity in your brain, and you must sort of forcefully relax to control it. It apparently works well enough that Sega has taken a shine to it and is now saying it wants to integrate “brainwaves and other bio-signals” into its game controls and toys. Sounds good to me; after years of training at a monastery on a Tibetan volcano, I can take all comers in the upcoming brain games.

Sega and NeuroSky To Make Mind-Controlled Toys [Wired Gadget Lab]