Google releases Sync for BlackBerries, life is almost complete


I’ve found the transition from Sidekick to BlackBerry to be an enjoyable and easy task. RIM devices are just so much better. The Sidekick is still a great device and will have a special place in my heart since it did convert me to QWERTY, but I’ve outgrown it and RIM devices have more features, a better OS, third party software support and better hardware. It does everything I need and I love that Google is releasing so many mobile apps. Mail lets me view my CG e-mail as I would on my desktop (I prefer this over BB e-mail bc I like to star and spam my e-mails), but the only thing missing was the ability to view and edit my Google Calendar. I knew Google had to be working on that, though. Rejoice! For it has finally happened. I can view and edit through my BB calendar and it’s awesome. Life would be complete if Google Talk would work with AIM on a BB, but I’m sure they’re hard at work on that now. Hopefully.




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