Zune, Apple TV make Popular Mechanics' worst-of-the-year list

rabbit What are some of the worst gadgets from this past year, according to Popular Mechanics? You’ll be delighted and/or outraged to know that the Zune and Apple TV made the list.

The Pleo dinosaur thing also made the list even though it’s not out yet, along with the non-existent Palm Foleo, the creepy looking rabbit monster on the left there, and a myriad of home improvement tools and exercise equipment.

Here’s a quote from the Zune blurb for your perusal…

"Apple has revamped their entire iPod line, shrinking their already-tiny Nanos and adding the iPhone’s multitouch interface to a non-phone media player. So how does Microsoft respond? By matching the size and feature set of the previous year’s iPods and not even attempting to compete on price (the updated Zunes cost pretty much exactly the same as the new iPods). It’s almost as if Microsoft didn’t anticipate Apple making a single update or change to their constantly evolving line of players."

And to be fair, here’s one about Apple TV…

"The only way Apple could have trumped them was to offer a huge selection of movies and monthly, all-you-can-eat plans. They did neither, becoming an online version of your nearest FYE, with decent (but not surprising) prices, and a spotty selection of new releases and mysterious B movies."

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Anything missing from the list?

10 Worst Gadgets of 2007 [Popular Mechanics]