Nyko upgrades its handy PS3 controller charger


One of the problems I’ve had with the PS3 is the sort of last-generation feel of the controller connection when you have to charge it up. A USB mini port? That’s so old-school! It works all right, I guess, but it’s ugly and the wires stick out of the ports all the time – what you want is something as advanced as the console it’s for. Nyko has you covered; their new charger is fast, good-looking, and only costs 30 bucks. You can’t go wrong, and you won’t ever have to worry about losing those cords or having their loose ends tarnish your entertainment center’s flawless facade. You put a little adapter on the USB port of your controller, then you can just stick the thing on the other thing and it’ll charge it up like nothing else. Useful for those marathon sessions where you can only break for long enough to order a pizza and change your pants.

Nyko Charge Base 2