Gilty Couture iPod cases: When an iPod isn't enough of a gift


Getting someone an iPod for Xmas is, in itself, old and tired. I mean, the iPods been around since before Lohan could legally drink, so if you do decide to give one this year, shouldn’t you bling the hell out of it?

Enter the Gilty Couture iPod cases, which offer one-stop outfitting for most current lines of iPods. The jewel-encrusted silver- or gold-plated cases don’t just protect your friend’s new iPod, it says, “everyone look at me, my friends have more money to spend on my Xmas gifts than some developing nations can budget for food,” which is right in line with the American Xmas spirit.

$55 – $220, ready to ship now. Go nuts, moneybags.

Gilty Couture [Product page, via Slippery Brick]