Hong Kong man leaves his kid on the sidewalk during marathon gaming session

22245808.jpgThose Hong Kongians must live in a crazy future world, because now even their vices are next-generation. Some truly serious gamer dad over there, upon learning that he couldn’t bring his 7-year-old daughter into an arcade, left her on the sidewalk for an hour while he played. He then came out and relocated her to an adjacent restaurant, bought her a drink, and went back inside for three more hours.

He only stopped when the police, alerted by the restaurant staff, came to arrest him – at which point he offered for his defense: “I have to play video games.” One day, that will be a valid excuse – and probably in Hong Kong first of all. But for now, the only thing it got him was 120 hours of community service for child neglect.

Hong Kong father abandons daughter to play games [bit-tech.net, via Earthtimes]